Idyllic Cleanser with 3% Mandelic Acid (0.125 oz) – TRIAL

Lightweight, hydrating and anti-aging, Radiant Serum with 1% Mandelic Acid exfoliates the skin gently and brightens the overall tone of your skin. Radiant Serum leaves the skin silky smooth, while it reduces the appearance of fine lines, protects against free radical damage, and prevents acne by decreasing dead skin cell buildup.

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Idyllic Cleanser contains 3% Mandelic Acid and is formulated to gently exfoliate, control acne-causing bacteria, and brighten the skin. This cleanser provides anti-aging and gentle exfoliation benefits. It is recommended for mild to moderate concerns. Suitable for all skin tones, acne grades and skin types, this mild-active cleanser can be used every day.

Benefits: Deep Cleanses | Minimizes Pores | Purifies | Reduces Pigmentation | Controls Acne | Prevention
Recommended For: All skin types
Concerns: Preventative | Fine Lines & Wrinkles | Hyperpigmentation | Acne | Large Pores & Uneven Texture |Treatment Preparation

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